30 Years Of Expertise & Innovation

GSCF is specialised in the structuring and processing of financing programs based on Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable of companies worldwide. When it comes to Supply Chain Finance, GSCF is a partner between vendors, funders and buyers of supply chain finance programmes, ensuring that data and processes flow seamlessly.

Our dedicated, in-house teams design, build and manage fully customised supply chain finance programmes on our proprietary platform. Throughout the lifecycle of your SCF programme, GSCF is your expert partner.

Our advanced solutions, allow vendors and buyers to unlock working capital and drive liquidity, while funders can rest assured that their client’s programmes are perfectly administered and serviced. Learn More

Creates a win-win scenario for funders, vendors and buyers.

Vendors unlock attractive short-term financing through their funding partners.

With funding partners, buyers can extend payment terms with key suppliers who do not normally offer such extensions.

Suppliers and funding partners can boost administration efficiency by outsourcing all credit and collections tasks.