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A Technology-Enabled Servicing Platform to Manage Working Capital Programs

Automated Processing and Reporting Platform

  • Easy to integrate: Supports all major invoice and financial data formats and communication standards (e.g., API, EDI, SFTP, etc.)
  • Automated: Processes most of the workflow automatically and features other automations like messaging and notifications triggered by events
  • Streamlined to Complement Ops Teams: Makes operational teams as efficient as possible by leveraging our experience
  • Self-Service: Login to your personalized account to upload and download invoices and data, generate and build reports, etc.
  • Informative: Helps you manage your working capital program through powerful reporting and data visualization tools
  • Secure: Complies with bank security audits through multi-level identity access management

Powerful and comprehensive. Over 30+ years we have built a suite of industry-leading, tech-enabled solutions that allow you to offer differentiated services without additional operational burden. Example solutions include:

  • Best practices from other leading tech OEMs built into our processes
  • Dispute management and resolution
  • Invoice extensions
  • Streamlined cash reconciliation
  • End of period cash accelerations